Our Meeting Times
Sunday AM Worship 9:30am
Bible Classes (for all ages) 11:00am
Sunday PM Worship 6:00pm
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00pm

Please join us anytime as we meet to praise God!

We are dedicated to seeking the lost while edifying each other in order that we may all enter the eternal home promised for the faithful

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Weekly Bible School

Does your family go to Bible school? If not, let me encourage you to get involved with the Camden Avenue Church of Christ’s Bible school program. Bible school is an excellent way to hear the gospel and become a Christian. It will also have a major impact on one’s personal spiritual growth. Many people have benefited from the blessings of Bible school. If a child comes to every Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible class offered, it is estimated that that child will have had over two thousand hours of teaching from the Bible by the time the child reaches nineteen years of age. George Barna reported, Adults who attended church regularly as a child are three times as likely to be attending church today as their peers who avoided the church during childhood. (Taken from the biweekly e-mail from George Barna.) Do something wonderful for your family’s future. Bring them to Bible school at the Camden Avenue Church of Christ. We have a qualified and mature group of teachers that are eager to teach the Bible to you and your children. Hope to see you at the Camden Avenue Church of Christ, where you are always welcome! 

How do I get to Heaven?


Where do we go when we die?


Sunday, November 28, 2021

“Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”(Daily Reading, ESV)