Some really good web sites exist that can facilitate your learning. Here are a few you might want to check out.

Gospel Broadcasting Network In addition to their cable and satellite broadcast efforts, GBN can also be viewed online. You can see the currently running shows through their streaming video feed. Take a look at their schedule of presentations.

NOW ANYONE CAN HAVE GBN AT HOME 24/7! On April 7th, 2011 the Gospel Broadcasting Network (under the oversight of the Highland Church of Christ, Dalton, GA) went public with their new Roku channel. Anyone is now able to get GBN live on his home television, 24/7, with the aid of device called a “Roku box.” One may ask, “What is a Roku box?” In answer to this question, the Roku website states: “Roku is a little box that allows you to instantly stream tons of entertainment on your TV. Watch movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video, listen to music on Pandora, catch the latest ballgame, and more—it’s all available whenever you want it.” This box also allows others to create custom channels that can be added to the Roku library and streamed to the viewer’s TV. It seemed like an obvious choice for GBN. In February, we started development of our own custom channel, which will stream GBN live, 24/7, to anyone who owns a Roku. The process is easy and free. First, one will need high speed internet and a Roku box, which may be purchased online at The cost ranges from $59 to $99, depending on the options chosen. When it arrives, the setup is easy—similar to setting up a VCR. I set mine up in about ten minutes. The Roku box may be connected to the internet via a cable or wirelessly. Once the box is installed, the GBN channel is available for download at the online Roku channel store—free of charge. That’s it! GBN is ready to watch whenever you desire! We believe the GBN Roku channel is going to be a wonderful way for Christians to get GBN, but we also believe it is going to be a great evangelistic tool. There are already over one million homes that currently have Roku boxes, and the number is climbing all the time. Of course, most of the people who are buying Rokus are getting them for entertainment purposes; but, when they do buy them, GBN will be sitting there waiting for them! Also in development at the present time are apps for the iPhone and Android smartphones. When they are finished, a person who owns one of these smartphones will be able to click on the app store (market) and download a native app for GBN. After installing the free app, it will be as simple as a few clicks to have GBN streaming in the palm of one’s hand. There are 51 million iPhone users and 8.5 million Android users. In light of these staggering figures, we would be remiss not to try to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity for teaching the gospel. The Roku channel is available now, and the iPhone app should be available before the end of April. We are tremendously excited about these new opportunities to preach the gospel using the technology that God has given us! Of course you can always visit us online at

—Don Blackwell, GBN Executive Director

Apologetics Press - Are you seeking solid evidence that validates the Bible as truth? You'll find the resources you're searching for at Apologetics Press. You'll see scientific evidence presented that supports the Bible's creation account indicating a relatively young earth and facts laid out to disprove Darwinian based theories. Home study courses are available for download. DVDs and books are also available, many of which have already been added to our library.

Warren Christian Apologetics Center - A non-profit informational theistic center whose purpose is to affirm and defend the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, ant the deity of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Christ - Want to test your Bible knowledge? This site uses quizzes and crossword puzzles to help visitors learn the Bible. You'll also find online audio and video discussions on a variety of topics including fundamentals of faith, salvation as seen in the book of Acts, worship following the Bible examples, and a host of others.

The World English Institute - This the link that people around the world see that offers them free English lessons using the Bible. The ads are placed on Google and are generally very prominent. On occasions, the link has to be taken down because there aren't enough teachers to handle the number of people around the world who are signing up. Members at Camden Avenue - Please see Mike Wade for information about becoming a teacher for the World English Institute. If you don't attend Camden Avenue, e-mail us @ for information.

WEI Quarterly Newsletter.

And.... here is the link to the World English Institute home page. One can go several directions from here, sign up as a teacher, read the newsletter, see reports from the field, etc.

e-Sword Study Software - This site allows you to download several versions of the Bible, plus concordances, commentaries, dictionaries and other study tools. Many of the items are free.

Executable Outlines - This site has been developed by Mark A. Copeland, minister of the church of Christ in Kissimmee, FL, over the past dozen years or so. It contains over 1400 lessons, which include Bible Study guides and fully developed outlines on many of the books of the Bible. Over 21 million people have down-loaded materials from his site.

All of these sites are produced by ministers, congregations and others who are affiliated with the churches of Christ. I think you will enjoy and benefit from looking at them.

Also check out the Ohio Valley University Bookstore site for other materials.