History Of Our Congregation

History Of Our Congregation



First meeting in an old store building on Pike Street in South

Parkersburg, West Virginia, the church of Christ on Camden Avenue

(formerly South Side church of Christ) has been blessed by

God with a rich heritage.


A group of Christians first met on September 29, 1929, this

congregation in January of 1930. On January 28, 1930, a number of

Christians gave their names and expressed their desires to become

members of the new congregation. On January 29, 1930,

in accordance with the scriptures, the names of those who

might qualify as elders and deacons was requested by minister

H. W. Bankes of Cambridge, Ohio. Later C. E. Barnes, Grover

Coe, John Speece, and Clayton Stanley were appointed as EIders.


By December 3, 1930, the congregation purchased its first property

at Sixth and Buckeye Streets in South Parkersburg and began

construction of a building. The congregation continued to

meet at the Pike Street location during the construction (1930-

1932), and the membership doubled to nearly one hundred. By

1957, the congregation had outgrown the facilities at Sixth and

Buckeye-finding it necessary to conduct two Sunday morning



An opportunity to buy the entire 2900 block of Camden Avenue

was presented to the elders. Construction began on the new

building in 1959. On June the 12, 1960, an estimated 387

members and their families met in this building for the first

time. The building at Sixth and Buckeye became the first location

for classes for Ohio Valley College (University). The Lord continued

to bless the congregation, as expansion became necessary

again in 1975. Wings were added to both sides of the auditorium

and an educational wing was added to the east side of the

building. In 2008, the auditorium, both foyers, and restrooms on

the north end of the building were updated.


Camden Avenue has been blessed throughout the years with

elderships whose primary purpose is to lead the flock and to

save souls. Similarly, the deacons acknowledge their roles in

serving. Likewise our Bible Class teachers contribute in increasing

the knowledge. Our pulpit ministers recognize the importance

of the shared work. Those ministers who have occupied the

pulpit have included, H. E. Taylor, H. W. Bankes, Tom Butterfield,

Ross Swindler, Paul Hall, Halley Smith, Earl Stevens, Wallace Skipper,

Clarence Deloach, Charles C. Pugh III, Thomas Miller, Larry Mathis,

Tim Hatfield, Brian Jones, Dana Slingluff and our present ministers,

Mark Tonkery and Doug Wells.